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Writing a simple Emacs major-mode

Written by Omar Polo on 06 August 2021 while listening to New Millennium” by Dream Theater.

About DSLs and custom major-modes

Being lazy, the Emacs macro edition

Written by Omar Polo on 10 February 2021 while listening to Wait” by The Beatles.

repetitive tasks no more

yasnippet and SPC

Written by Omar Polo on 01 December 2020 while listening to Sign of the Cross” by Iron Maiden.

expanding yasnippets

Emacs side window

Written by Omar Polo on 05 November 2020 while listening to I Will Take Him” by Grant Lee Buffalo.

making buffers go to fu^W side-window themself.


Written by Omar Polo on 20 September 2020 while listening to Kaerimichi.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the hydra/emacs/whatever