Here are some projects I'm working on.

(If you're browsing this page over gemini this is the server that you're talking to.) A simple, secure, Gemini server for static content with CGI and FastCGI support. Written for fun with libtls.

Telescope is a w3m- and Emacs-inspired Gemini browser.

kamid is a FREE, easy-to-use and portable implementation of a 9p file server daemon for UNIX-like systems with a strong focus on security and correctness.

Got (shorts for “Game of Trees”) is a version control system. vc-got is an attempt to bring Got to Emacs.

It’s not really a project *per se*, but it’s nice to share.

It's a keybinding manager for X11. It lets you assign keys on other application and bind custom action to them. You can execute external commands or send fake keys. I'm using it to "emacs-ify" firefox, but can do more.

CGI script to search for and visualise package from the OpenBSD port tree. Supports full-text search across the whole catalogue.

Interactive REPL for HTTP requests with a simple and intuitive language.

sam.el is an implementation of the text editor sam from plan9 for emacs. It's still far, far away from being usable.

mymenu is a graphical menu for X11. It reads items from standard input (one per line) and present a window where the user can choose one (or more) item. It’s similar to dmenu, except it’s better (IMHO).