gmid is a small, almost no-dependencies, gemini server for static content. I wrote it because I needed one and I disliked the ones that I found (or I wasn't able to compile them)

It's a very short program (less than 800 lines of C code at the moment), that uses libtls (a GREAT tls library from the OpenBSD folks.)

It doesn't support virtual hosts (it completely ignores the host part of the requested URL) and can only serve static content.

You can fetch the code with git

git clone

or via the github mirror

git clone

Future plans

This is mostly a TODO/wish list of things, just to get an idea of what I'm gonna do (and to remind to myself too).

mapping virtual hosts to different directories would be really handy.

doesn’t really need an explanation.

It's currently not supported, and I'm not even sure it could be useful.